Chloramine in our drinking water?

Please join the White Rock Safe Water Alliance. Help us make sure that White Rock residents can have safe water to drink. Due to over 500 complaints of brown muddy water, the city is reversing last year’s promise, and now adding Chloramine to your drinking water. Your water may look cleaner, but it now contains even more chemicals in it. Chloramine is known to leach lead out of existing pipes, and is also deadly to marine life as was seen when Surrey tried to introduce Chloramine several years ago. The Chloramine decimated the salmon fry in nearby creeks. If Surrey decided adding Chloramine was a mistake for them, can Chloramine be a good choice for White Rock?
No Chloramine
Fraser Health told us that they prefer that White Rock should be connected to Vancouver City water through Surrey. Later, Fraser Health met with City Councillors in a meeting closed to the public, where Fraser Health insisted that the Peace Arch Hospital be connected to GVRD water to ensure that the hospital had access to safe clean drinking water in the event of a similar fire that occurred in Five Corners last May 19th, when the top 3 floors of the hospital had no water, and a Boil Water Advisory was mandated soon afterwards.

If our water is not good enough for the Peace Arch Hospital, is it good enough for you? 
Public Upset about Chloramine on May 1st City Council Meeting

2 thoughts on “Chloramine in our drinking water?

  1. Thank you for doing the good work of investigating what is going on with our water in White Rock. I live in the new Avra highrise and my water smells and looks awful. I only drink the water that I’ve re-filtered. Still trying to clean the brownish sludge stains in my toilet tanks- on,y thing that seems to work is by adding bleach. This is not an environmentally sound solution to the problem of yukky water in White Rock citizens.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Lynda. Sorry to hear about your water. The brown water is coming from Manganese that comes out because the city is adding chlorine. It was always there, but not visible until they added the chlorine. Adding bleach hides the manganese due to the added ammonia, but again it is still there. The well water in White Rock is laced with arsenic and manganese, and we need to pressure City Hall to connect up with clean and safe Vancouver city water.

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