Our Tax Dollars at Work?

Our water bills keep going up, our services that we get for our tax dollars, along with the quality of our water, keep going down. This is what tap water looked like this morning, June 5th 2017, in the Coldicutt area of White Rock. 

If you live along the Oxford Street corridor, you may be more likely to have brown water coming from your taps these days. The brown color comes from the high manganese levels on the West side of White Rock. The West side (water from the Oxford and High Street wells) usually has the higher manganese level, while the East side (water from the Merklin well site) usually has the highest concentration of arsenic.

More Arsenic or More Maganese

Is it time for another demonstration at City Hall?
The Mayor and Council do not seem to be listening. If interested in joining a rally for clean water. please contact the White Rock Safe Water Alliance through email at WhiteRockSafeWaterAlliance@gmail.com. We will add you to our mailing list and keep you informed about upcoming rallies on water.

Chloramine Info Center

The City is adding Chloramine to help get rid of problems with brown water experienced by many White Rock Residents. But is this the best solution for Whiter Whites? 

Chloramine hides the Manganese but creates ever bigger problems!

Chloramine is deadly to Marine Life!
Surrey stopped using Chloramine after it killed all the salmon in nearby creeks. Chloramine is deadly to marine life. Mayor Baldwin back in the January 11th 2016 Council Meeting rejected Chloramine due to its potential impact on Salmon in nearby Campbell River on the Semiahmoo First Nations land.

How does Chloramine affect your health
Chloramine corrodes older pipes, leaching lead into drinking water. Lead in drinking water is a serious health problem. Chloramine can cause the lead in older pipes to leach into drinking water. You can read more about the affects of Chloramine and how it affected the residents of Flint Michigan at the Chloramine Info Center.

Chloramine Information Center

Chloramine in our drinking water?

Please join the White Rock Safe Water Alliance. Help us make sure that White Rock residents can have safe water to drink. Due to over 500 complaints of brown muddy water, the city is reversing last year’s promise, and now adding Chloramine to your drinking water. Your water may look cleaner, but it now contains even more chemicals in it. Chloramine is known to leach lead out of existing pipes, and is also deadly to marine life as was seen when Surrey tried to introduce Chloramine several years ago. The Chloramine decimated the salmon fry in nearby creeks. If Surrey decided adding Chloramine was a mistake for them, can Chloramine be a good choice for White Rock?
No Chloramine
Fraser Health told us that they prefer that White Rock should be connected to Vancouver City water through Surrey. Later, Fraser Health met with City Councillors in a meeting closed to the public, where Fraser Health insisted that the Peace Arch Hospital be connected to GVRD water to ensure that the hospital had access to safe clean drinking water in the event of a similar fire that occurred in Five Corners last May 19th, when the top 3 floors of the hospital had no water, and a Boil Water Advisory was mandated soon afterwards.

If our water is not good enough for the Peace Arch Hospital, is it good enough for you? 
Public Upset about Chloramine on May 1st City Council Meeting

White Rock Council Approves Adding Chloramine to your Tap Water, ignoring Health and Environmental Impacts

Despite some raucous vocal opposition from a number of the Public in attendance, White Rock Council unanimously endorsed proceeding ahead with Chloramination of White Rock water at tonight’s Council Meeting.

Greg St. Louis had Dr. Saad Jasim, the Ph.D utility manager, give some mumbo-jumbo presentation with lots of dry, unintelligible data, graphs and excerpts from reports which were not cited or footnoted.

Dan Bottrill spun a few yarns, crowed indignantly about the City’s transparency on the water utility and acted as if the knowledge that ammonia existed naturally in White Rock well water was some new, previously unknown profound revelation.

Not true!

EPCOR knew about this all along and if you look at Greg St. Louis’s Report of December 14, 2015 (found here),  which was his first attempt to chloraminate White Rock water, this is plainly stated in the last paragraph of page 26. But Council who spoke suggested tonight that this was all brilliant news to them.   

Dan Bottrill was reminded that the City knew about this at least as early as May of 2015 when a secret meeting was held between EPCOR,  Fraser Health and the City to secretly all sign off to make the switch from Chlorine to Chloramine. Throughout its TWQM Project, EPCOR swore up and down that Chlorine, not Chloramine was the best disinfectant for White rock water. But apparently,  EPCOR’s consultants had made some boo boos on the White Rock well water quality. I guess they miscalculated the manganese. EPCOR did bench tests in April 2015 which showed that  Chloramine brought “whiter whites”. This, no doubt was presented at the secret May 2015 EPCOR, Fraser Health and city of White Rock meeting.

The City slyly out of nowhere used this “whiter whites” pitch it in their October 15, 2015 “Water Utility Community Forum”, some material from which can be found here:

I have scanned the city’s Chloramine Brings Whiter Whites sheet from Oct 15, 2015 Water Utility Community Forum here. Note that the date of the “bench scale tests” is April 2015, long before the City consummated its water utility purchase deal on August 28, 2015.

So that is the City’s gimmick. “Ammonia is already in the water naturally, so why not add pails more if it can mask and conceal the high level of manganese in the system to make the water look better than what it really is”.  Personally, there is a world of difference to me between dealing with naturally occurring ammonia (it is higher at the Merklin wells than it is at the Oxford wells) and adding pails of it in concentrated chemical form to the water.
[Editor’s Note: It is dishonest to suggest that because trace amounts of a substance is already in the water, that adding more is ok. Trace amounts of arsenic are required for the body to function, but adding much more arsenic to your drinking glass can kill you. Similarly, your blood is composed of thousands of chemicals many of which, when taken in excess, can be harmful. Click on the picture below for more details. Science – When Used Properly, Reduces the Stupid!]

Blood Components - Science. It reduces the stupid

Neither Dr. Jasim, Dan Bottrill nor anyone on Council discussed any of the “disadvantages” of Chloramine. No one mentioned even the disadvantages of Chloramine that St. Louis noted on page 27 of his December 14, 2015 Report – “impacts to the environment… toxic to fish and amphibians….does not dissipate by standing or boiling”. So there was not one mention or concerns expressed about any possible adverse health affects to humans, how it is less effective than chlorine on certain viruses and bacteria, how it  leaches metals like lead from pipes and pits piping more, how it impacts rubber fitting in plumbing and so forth and so forth.

It was quite an orchestrated event, craftily although obviously played out and no doubt this was the previous topic of more than one secret Council meeting.

Rally updates will follow.

One suggested option is to Chloramine Rally hold  in conjunction with the City’s 60th Birthday Party on April 29 at the Centennial Arena which takes place between 11am to 9pm.

More later.

 Dennis, Member of the White Rock Safe Water Alliance

 Dennis against Chloramine

City Council Reverses its Decision to Add Chloramine to White Rock Water!

An interesting day today. About 175 people braved the cold to rally at City Hall at noon to protest the intended use of Chloramine in our water. Thank you to all who were able to attend.

This evening, Fraser Health made a presentation to City Council on water disinfectants, after which all six Councillors and the Mayor discussed the Chloramine vs Chlorine topic before a Council Chambers packed by the Public that overflowed into the lobby.

At the end of the lengthy discussion, Councillor Lawrence made a motion to seek a time limit extension from Fraser Health to extend the June 1, 2016 deadline for a water disinfectant to enable the City to get in place an Arsenic and Manganese Reduction /Removal Plant. As the second part of the motion, Chlorine, NOT Chloramine, is to be used as the water disinfectant in the interim. All seven people on Council voted in favour of this motion.

While time will tell what sort of latitude Fraser Health will allow, thank you to all who helped ensure that White Rock City Council took a second look at Chloramine.


[Editor’s note – Read more about the Rally in the Peace Arche news here: http://www.peacearchnews.com/news/364923411.html ]

Andrew on Bridge

White Rock Residents say Whoa! to Chloramine in drinking water!

Read the Jan 7th background story in the Province by Jennifer Saltman

Is Chloramine Safe?

The health issues caused by Chloramine added to tap water has been known for a long time and people such as San Francisco’s Citizens Concerned About Chloramine have an excellent website with lots of expert information about it and its impact on your health.
 Citizens Concerned About Chloramine
Chloramine was tried in Vancouver and Surrey, resulting in the salmon in Fergus Creek being wiped out by two small spills. In White Rock, EPCOR had about 10 small spills a year. What will this do to wildlife at our beach?
Chloramine use is banned in 99% of Europe, large areas of the US, and was quickly discontinued in Surrey after numerous water spills and breaks in the lines.
Mayor Baldwin says that he is comfortable with Chloramine, but are you? He also said that Garbage privitizarion and its increased service fees were a good thing, that the hump needed to be clearcut, and that the Regional Growth Strategy was legally binding on White Rock (which it is not). Why should we trust Mayor Baldwin’s opinion on this when EPCOR themselves had recommended Chlorine over Chloramine?
 Is your tap water safe - cropped
Don’t take anyone’s word on this. Get informed and be heard. Read more about the CCAC here: http://www.chloramine.org/index.htm