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  1. I wanted to attend the White Rock Water meeting on Mon. June 3 at 7 pm, but was unable to do so at that time. I am a resident of White Rock, and one of the reasons I purchased and moved to White Rock was the quality of its water. I agree with Margaret Woods: that the White Rock water utility should be owned by the city of White Rock. Every method, to ensure that it is purchased, or expropriated, from its present owners by the city of White Rock, should be attempted. I do not want my water pumped from long distances and chlorinated several times along the way. Thank you to the group of people who are leading this movement to return White Rock water back to its residents. I will be certain to attend the next meeting and discussion about this matter.
    Mary Tisdelle

  2. Is “White Rock Water Matters” organizing the chloramine rally on Jan 11 (2016) at the City Hall in White Rock at 12 noon? I’ve only seen this mentioned in the White Rock Sun online newspaper. There is no other mention of it anywhere. I’m worried there will be a poor turnout. If you are involved in this, please post in all your social media, like Facebook, etc.

  3. This WRSWA “volunteer-driven web site” page: http://whiterocksafewateralliance.ca/2016/01/12/city-council-reverses-its-decision-to-add-chloramine-to-white-rock-water/

    … accurately captures the motion made, and passed, at the January 11-2016 WR council meeting-

    At the end of the lengthy discussion, Councillor Lawrence made a motion to seek a time limit extension from Fraser Health to extend the June 1, 2016 deadline for a water disinfectant to enable the City to get in place an Arsenic and Manganese Reduction /Removal Plant. As the second part of the motion, Chlorine, NOT Chloramine, is to be used as the water disinfectant in the interim. All seven people on Council voted in favour of this motion…

    Yet the “professional” news media Peace Arch News coverage:

    …. does not-

    “The council motion, tabled by Coun. Bill Lawrence, calls for staff to request a postponement of the June 30 treatment deadline from Fraser Health, and to utilize chlorination, not chloramination, as a means of secondary disinfection…”

  4. WR city council members should have required that the letter that was recently sent by city staffers to the Fraser Health Authority (FHA) requesting that the FHA’s June-2016 deadline for implementation of secondary treatment of the entire White Rock water system be postponed- include within it specific references to:

    1) The technology to-be-used by the city of WR for arsenic (and manganese) removal-

    a) Reverse Osmosis

    b) Activated Alumina (AA)

    c) Enhanced Lime Softening;

    2) The effectiveness of White Rock’s chosen arsenic-removal method in removing both types of arsenic from water, IE: Arsenic III and Arsenic V;

    3) The estimated length of time the city of White Rock requires to design and put in place the equipment required for removal of arsenic and manganese from the WR water system (IE: How many months??);

    “Treatment Technologies for Arsenic Removal”,November 2005:

    Click to access 20017IDW.PDF

    National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) US EPA/NSCEP (formerly NCEPI)
    P.O. Box 42419 Cincinnati, OH 45242-0419
    phone: 800.490.9198 fax: 513.489.8695
    http://www.epa.gov/ncepihom/ordering.htm OR http://nepis.epa.gov

  5. I am interested in learning about our water issue as we recently moved to the city and my family has been dealing with severe adverse reaction to the water here

    I am very concerned and am looking into taking a more active on this issue with the city


    • White Rock’s water comes from 6 wells in the city. Depending on the source of your water, your levels of arsenic and manganese may be near or even slightly higher than recommended levels as recommended by Fraser Health and Health Canada. We recommend getting your water tested for these metals to determine to what extent you should be concerned.

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